1. Stop Lice Craziness

    Stop Lice Craziness! We need to stop causing our kids anxiety about head lice.   I hear parents tell their kids  all the time, “Honey, don’t play too close to your friend” or “Suzy if you are going to have a play date don’t hug, don’t play with each others hair, don’t sit too close to her , don’t lay on her bed or couch or chair ect……….”.   Really what they are saying is…Read More

  2. More lenient rules on head lice have some schools jumpy

    More lenient rules on head lice have some schools jumpy. That is an article in the LA TImes today.  I agree with all of it but that fact that they still want their students treated with the OTC Pesticide Shampoos! Why the ignorance of this course of action still continues is beyond me.  It puts kids at risk with their health but just as bad it does not work.  A study in the  New England Journ…Read More

  3. School Lice Policies

    School Lice Policies  are beginning to slowly change.  Most school districts have no nit policies which means after treatment all the bugs and eggs must be gone to re-enter school.  This is near impossible to do with the OTC chemical shampoos. This is because people depend on the comb that comes with the shampoo to get rid of all the eggs.  The likelihood of this happening is the same as snow …Read More

  4. Head Lice Check at School

    Head Lice Check at School are a good tool to keep head lice infestations from spreading out of control at schools.  When a child is found with head lice it is usually after the child has had a head lice infestation for about a month.  Most people gasp when I say this but it is a fact.  Most people don’t itch until they have quite a few lice on the head. When you utilize a routine head lice ch…Read More

  5. Lice Salon Vs. Head Lice Mobile Service

    Lice Salon Vs. Head Lice Mobile Service.  It is hard to believe that there are so many choices out there now to deal with a head lice infestation.  Head Lice Guru is a mobile lice removal service.  We find that taking the service to the customer alleviates  a lot of stress for the family.   It allows us to treat a whole family but they can relax while they wait their turn.  A head lice infes…Read More

  6. Head Lice Home Remedies

    Head Lice home remedies don’t work and end up prolonging your head lice infestation needlessly.  This post is a shameless effort to get you to look at Head Lice Guru’s reviews on Yelp.com.  We have 21 reviews (23 that are flagged) that are rated 5 Stars!  It makes me proud that people are happy with the service we provide on a daily basis. Head Lice can be so stressful to a family.  Most d…Read More

  7. School Lice Policies

    Schools, with the recommendation of the American Association for Pediatrics, are changing their school lice policies across the nation.  For years schools would routinely do head lice checks and send kids home if anything was found.  This often meant kids would loose up to a week of learning as parents tried to get all all nits out of the hair. The American Association for Pediatrics recommend…Read More

  8. @Trophywifeabc

    Watch Trophy Wife tonight so we can insert some humor into lice treatment.  Lice are a pain but can be dealt with effectively and easily.  Try and toss what your Mom and the media tell you about bagging, shampooing and hiding.  Lice need to be faced head on and with humor just like they did in @TrophyWifeABC.…Read More

  9. Problems in Children Linked to Insecticide Exposure

    Behavioral and Emotional Problems in Children linked to Insecticide Exposure is the title of an article about a study conducted by Canadian researcher.  This article looks at how common insecticides used in our environment and on our person effect children’s behavior for the worse. This is a wake up call to parents to think twice about what you put on your child’s body. Our society is so afra…Read More

  10. Schools more lenient Lice Policies

    Schools more lenient Lice Policies.  Schools are having to deal with more and more lice infestations.  Most school will send kids home at the first sign of an head lice infestation. The problem schools are having is for every child sent home it means less money for the school.  If a child misses any portion of the day the school does not get paid.  In this time of dwindling school resources sc…Read More