With Head Lice Guru, my mission is to help families deal with their head lice experience in the calmest most effective way possible.  Doctors are now recognizing that professtional head lice removal is the only effective form of lice treatment.  I see people using head lice home remedies that do not work.  I want to use my experience to dispel the myths about home remedies for lice.  I worked for another head lice removal company training head lice technicians and developed all my expertise working all over the LA basin, Arcadia, as well as Orange County.   I decided to start my own service so I could bring a safe, affordable, and knowledgeable lice treatment service that works to rid your family of head lice but not empty your wallet at the same time.  Head Lice are a pain, but once you learn the facts, they are very easy to deal with.

With my experience treating lice I  have developed my own unique techniques to quickly, effectively and safely rid your loved ones of lice-usually with ONE TREATMENT.   There is a way out of this without tons of laundry, bagged up rooms and tears!  Call me and I will walk you through this.   Nothing shocks me anymore so ask away.  Having lice is not a sin but keeping
it sure is!

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