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best-lice-removalIn search of a one treatment head lice solution in Rancho Cucamonga you can rely on to get rid of nits quickly, and for good?  At Head Lice Guru we understand the frustration you face when you or your child becomes the victim of an infestation.  We use a safe treatment that is extremely effective, and gives you peace of mind.  Most parents understandably prefer not to use products that may contain pesticides or harsh chemicals that could be dangerous, or damage the hair.  Imagine being able to get rid of lice so your child can return to school the next day!

Having head lice is not an indication that hygiene is lacking, so never be embarrassed.  Because children and teens are involved in school, sports, band, summer camps, and other activities that put them in close proximity with others their own age, it’s easy for eggs to spread.  All it takes is touching heads or sharing a comb or brush.  The transfer can happen easily, but our non chemical head lice solutions will rid you or your child of those nasty, itchy buggers in no time at all – usually 60 to 90 minutes.

Traditional over-the-counter products containing pesticides or insecticides are not as effective as they once were, as strains referred to as “super lice” have developed an immunity to these ingredients.  Besides, most parent prefer to avoid potentially dangerous chemicals and are in search of safe head lice treatment that relies on natural, organic ingredients.  Why go through the hassle, mess, and disappointing results associated with traditional products when our Rancho Cucamonga technicians can get rid of lice in a way that is safe, convenient, quick, and guaranteed effective?

Private Salon or Mobile, In Home Care

Whether you prefer to have natural lice treatment performed in our professional clinic or in your own home, we use a unique technique and organic approach.  There are several natural ingredients that nits find offensive which are helpful in completely removing eggs along with a thorough combing technique.  If you are wondering how to get rid of lice once and for all, you have found the answer!

Using a safe head lice removal process is important to most parents.  Guaranteed results, no pain, no stress, no itch.  What more could you ask for?  We invite Rancho Cucamonga residents to call Head Lice Guru today at 800-446-8290 to schedule an appointment, and put an end to the suffering.