Safe, Effective, Mobile-Friendly Lice Removal


If you live in the Claremont area and are looking for non chemical head lice solutions for your child or yourself, look no further than Head Lice Guru.  Today, the trend is toward a more natural approach to nit removal.  In years past, the only choice many people had was to use products containing potentially dangerous chemicals and pesticides.  Our safe treatment process is effective and guaranteed to work!

Why bother with products that are ineffective, messy, and possibly dangerous?  Anyone who has used these products knows it is a real hassle, the results often disappointing.  As head lice removal professionals, we use a proven technique that gets rid of lice and their nits once and for all.  Whether in our private salon or the privacy of your home, we believe you will be completely happy with the results of our safe removal solutions.

No matter how diligent you are when it comes to hygiene, anyone can become a victim of a lice infestation as these itchy little bugs are easily spread from one person to another.  Children and teens are especially vulnerable given the fact they are in the company of so many others there age a good portion of the day.  Our natural lice treatment is ideal for those who desire a one treatment solution so you can get on with life!

People search the Internet every day in their effort to find out if there is some “magical” way to get rid of lice.  The fact is, many nits have become resistant to pesticides, and the secret is in the technique along with a thorough comb-out.  At Head Lice Guru, we invite Claremont residents to learn more about our non chemical treatment and the exceptional results you can expect today!  Contact us at 800-446-8290.