School Lice Policies  are beginning to slowly change.  Most school districts have no nit policies which means after treatment all the bugs and eggs must be gone to re-enter school.  This is near impossible to do with the OTC chemical shampoos. This is because people depend on the comb that comes with the shampoo to get rid of all the eggs.  The likelihood of this happening is the same as snow in hell.  They are completely worthless to get all the nits out of the hair.

This leads to children loosing valuable time learning.  Lice do not cause any disease despite the panic it causes people.  Most infestations are found after having it for at least a month.  It has already spread in the class and the family by then.  The best course of action to get the correct information to get head lice and eggs out of the hair effectively.

I believe that school lice policies need to concentrate on educating families about the most effective treatment.  In order for that to happen though they would have to get the correct science based information.  School lice policies focus needs to be on getting the lice out of the hair instead of killing them on the head.  At best the OTC shampoos kill the adults 50% of the time and leaves the eggs and baby lice to keep the infestation alive.

School Lice policies need to come more in line with how head lice work and affect people.  Encouraging families to use a metal comb with a simple nap of the neck to top of the head technique kids would be back to school the next day.  A comb can get 99% of the whole infestation out of the hair with the first treatment.  This is not rocket science people.  Simple combing with a metal lice comb.  The other essential step is treating everyone in the family at the same time.  If you want more information about head lice and common sense steps that need to be taken call 800 446 8290.  I love talking Moms and Dads off the ledge! Advice is free!

Keep Combing!