More lenient rules on head lice have some schools jumpy. That is an article in the LA TImes today.  I agree with all of it but that fact that they still want their students treated with the OTC Pesticide Shampoos! Why the ignorance of this course of action still continues is beyond me.  It puts kids at risk with their health but just as bad it does not work.  A study in the  New England Journal of Medicine said 60 percent of the itchy pests are now resistant to one or more common treatments. But worse than that it said 100% of head lice in California, Texas and Florida are immune to the OTC Pesticide Shampoos.  So at best when you use the OTC Pesticide Shampoos you may kill 40% of the adult bugs but it does nothing for the eggs or the baby bugs.  So kids are treated go back to school and keep spreading.

I loved how the school nurse said in the article that based on her talking to parents and teachers the kids were not getting head lice from school.  The makes no sense to me. You don’t get head lice in a vacuum.  You have to get it from someone and then you pass it on to someone else.  Kids get it because they have no personal space with their friends.  Kids gather at school the majority of their time.  I guess you could say that kids get head lice anywhere kids gather- whether it is in school or after school activities.

More than more lenient rules on head lice, I want their to be a rational way for parents to get the correct information about how to get rid of a head lice infestation fast and not feel like the plague have been visited upon them.  Concentrating on getting the bugs and eggs out of the hair is a far better approach than trying to kill them on the head.

More lenient rules on head lice have some schools jumpy has some points.  I just wish that more work was done with helping families treat the infestation the first time with out using the OTC Pesticide Shampoos. More lenient rules on head lice is not going to solve the problem of getting a head lice infestation under control though.  This has to done by educating school nurses, social workers, teachers and parents on the most effective ways to clear out a head lice infestation so it does not spread and everyone can get back to the business of learning.

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