Stop Lice Craziness! We need to stop causing our kids anxiety about head lice.   I hear parents tell their kids  all the time, “Honey, don’t play too close to your friend” or “Suzy if you are going to have a play date don’t hug, don’t play with each others hair, don’t sit too close to her , don’t lay on her bed or couch or chair ect……….”.   Really what they are saying is, “Stop being a kid”.  I hear it all the time.

We have to stop making our kids so paranoid about being in social situations for fear of getting head lice.  The fact is kids only know how to behave one way.  They have no forethought or care about lice and they shouldn’t.  Kids have no personal space with their friends or you for that matter and that will not change.  Well, it will if you do deep psychological damage to them.  When parents keep warning kids about head lice kids become overly concerned about how they play with their friends.      After hearing  their parents anxiety  over and over kids will stop playing and learning freely like they should.   Introducing this lice anxiety to a child strips away their innocence.

The simple solution to stop lice craziness is to see lice with a clearer lens.  Yes, lice are a pain and can take time to get rid of effectively but they do not warrant a complete social shut down.  There is no need to wash everything you own and see all your kids friends as the “infectors”. Your child will take the lead from you about how important lice are in their life.

Lice are quite simple to take care of if you deal with them on a preventative basis.  This means introduce a routine head check into your family once a month.  Not everyday or even once a week.  Once a month is good.   When checking them use a good metal lice comb and a bowl of water.  Run the comb through their hair from forehead to nap of the neck with special attention by the ears.  Rinse the comb out in the water and see if there is anything there.   A good magnyfying glass comes in handy.  Continue to comb front to back.  This should take no more than 5 minutes.  I don’t want your kids to run from you every time you walk toward them with a lice comb. Keep the impulse to comb til they bleed under control!!!  A good metal lice comb will pick it up lice and nits pretty fast if they are there.

To Stop Lice Craziness we as a community need to talk about our lice experience openly and realize it is going to happen to the best of us.  There is no blame in lice.  You have to get it from someone but you also give it to someone.  That is why I stay in business!  It is just how lice move about on us.  When all else fails call a head lice removal professional for some common sense advice.  No need to cause your family undue anxiety when dealing with lice.  Advice is alway free!!!

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