Head Lice Guru

Quarantine Lice Treatment Options

Our Lice Techs are slowly getting the Covid Vaccine so we are now open for at home or salon treatments.  We still require masks on everyone in the house while we are doing treatment.  Call and we can discuss any questions or concerns.

Professional Lice Removal

We help families deal with head lice in the calmest, most effective way possible.  Doctors now recognize that professional head lice removal is the only effective formof lice treatment.   We want to use our experience to dispel the myths about lice.  Head Lice are a pain, but once you learn the facts, they are very easy to deal with.

We use our own unique techniques to quickly, effectively and organically rid your loved ones of lice-usually with ONE TREATMENT.   There is a way out of this without tons of laundry, bagged up rooms and tears!  We are a traveling lice treatment company that serves all of Arcadia and surrounding areas, so call us and let us walk you through this.  Questions are welcome.

Whether you live in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains or anywhere else in Southern California, head lice is an aggravating and stressful condition.  At Head Lice Guru, we provide safe removal solutions for anyone in the San Bernardino County area, treatment that is natural, comfortable, and can be performed either in our private salon or the privacy of your own home.

Today, lice treatment is much different than it was a decade or two ago.  Many of the OTC and prescription products containing pesticides and other potentially harmful chemicals are not as effective as they once were, as head nits have become “immune” to these ingredients.  Our non chemical head lice removal involves the use of organic, natural ingredients in conjunction with a thorough, unique comb-out process that eradicates those pesky buggers almost immediately.  If you are in search of a one treatment solution, you can breathe easy knowing relief is available.

Mobile, In-Home Service Available

Whether you prefer to have natural lice treatment performed in our professional clinic or in your own home, you can relax knowing our safe treatment process will get rid of head lice quickly, usually within two hours or less.  Your child doesn’t have to miss several days of school, and will be able to attend the next day!  With traditional products used to get rid of eggs it often requires several messy applications, and even then the results are not usually what you expect.

At Head Lice Guru, our non chemical head lice treatment is guaranteed and requires just 60 to 90 minutes of your time.  Why waste money on traditional methods and use potentially harmful chemicals, when there is a solution that is so much safer and more comfortable?  We invite those throughout San Bernardino County and surrounding areas in Southern California to contact us today at 800-446-8290 for results that will amaze you.


Kelly Crabtree’s Charity Work Makes it Possible for Kids to Go to Camp

head-lice-charity-workIt’s common for kids who are headed off to camp to find out they have head lice, or even to contract an infestation while away at camp.  Unfortunately, those who are found to have lice prior to camp are forced to cancel a much-anticipated trip, often at the last minute.  This happened last year when nine kids learned the day before leaving for USC’s Troy Camp they couldn’t attend because of this condition.

This year, Kelly Crabtree of Southern California’s Head Lice Guru came to the rescue to ensure none of the kids who planned to attend camp would face the same disappointment.  Troy Camp is one of USC’s oldest philanthropy organizations, and focuses on building relationships with local youth through a variety of programs designed for elementary, middle school, and high school students.  Each year Troy Camp hosts 200 elementary-age children during a week-long camp in the San Bernardino Mountains, as well as monthly events throughout the year.

Kelly Crabtree was generous enough to donate her time and effort to make certain none of the kids would be turned away this year.  By performing head checks on each child and providing free treatment for those who had head lice, none of the kids had to worry about facing the same fate some of the children faced last year.

For children, the opportunity to attend camp is huge and often viewed as a fun adventure.  No child should have to miss an opportunity or event they’ve looked forward to for so long because of head lice!  Kelly uses safe, organic treatment methods that are trusted by pediatricians, school nurses, and camps such as Troy Camp.

Sharing Candy on Halloween is Fun – but Head Lice, Not So Much

Tips For Moms

Halloween is coming up fast, and while the kids (and some adults) love dressing up and going to Halloween parties or festivals, or simply going door-to-door to show off costumes and collect goodies, head lice love Halloween as well.  Children are most susceptible to this maddening condition, so how can you prevent it?

The most important thing to keep in mind is that lice are often transmitted from one person’s head to another by touching heads, sharing hair tools (brushes, combs), or sleeping in the same bed such as during a sleepover, which is sometimes the way a fun Halloween evening ends.  To be on the safe side, have the kids sleep in separate sleeping bags or in some way they’re not sharing the same space so the risk of heads touching is kept to a minimum.

What about trying on each other’s Halloween costumes?  This is where things can get scary (pun intended).  While head lice thrive on blood and therefore can’t live when off the human body for long – usually 24 hours max – there’s still that small risk.  Lots of Halloween costumes include hats or hooded capes of some sort, so it’s a good idea to discourage sharing or trying on others’ costumes.

If despite all your efforts your child does come down with a case of the Halloween buggers, don’t despair.  Those in Arcadia and surrounding areas can count on Head Lice Guru for great results without the use of dangerous chemicals or pesticides.