Behavioral and Emotional Problems in Children linked to Insecticide Exposure is the title of an article about a study conducted by Canadian researcher.  This article looks at how common insecticides used in our environment and on our person effect children’s behavior for the worse.

This is a wake up call to parents to think twice about what you put on your child’s body. Our society is so afraid of bugs everywhere.  Our obsession with killing crawling things has led to bugs being resistant to pesticides.  This then leads to the use of stronger pesticides!  It is a vicious cycle that we also see with our over use of antibiotics.

I would like to be the voice of reason- at least with head lice.  The best form of treatment to get rid of head lice is to comb all the buggars out.  This is the only head lice treatment that gets the whole lice life cycle out at the same time.  If you do not get out all the nits, babies/nymphs and adult lice at the same time you never really get rid of the infestation. It is very old school head lice treatment but it works every time with the right tools and technique.  Those would be a metal lice comb and hair conditioner.

Behavioral and emotional problems in children linked to insecticide exposure is too high a price to pay to get rid of head lice.  We all need to calm the h-e- double hockey sticks down!  Call Head Lice Guru for free advice anytime *  800 446 8290.

Keep Combing!