Schools, with the recommendation of the American Association for Pediatrics, are changing their school lice policies across the nation.  For years schools would routinely do head lice checks and send kids home if anything was found.  This often meant kids would loose up to a week of learning as parents tried to get all all nits out of the hair. The American Association for Pediatrics recommends schools stop doing head lice checks because lice do not carry any kind of disease.  There is no a routine check for chicken pox or flu and they are way worse than head lice.

So the new recommended policy is if a child is found with lice they can stay in school and a note is sent home.  This is the part I don’t agree with- they recommend that a child not be readmitted into school unless they bring an empty pesticide shampoo bottle.  I am against this because it does not work.  There was a recent study that found that 100% of the lice studied in California were the pesticide resistant kind.  So putting the pesticide shampoo on them will do nothing.  Lice just drink the stuff and go on their merry way.  It would be better for schools to sell a good metal lice comb and get the job done right the first time.

Sometimes I feel like the lone drum with no one listening to me.  Thats Okay though.  I will keep spreading the word and help the people I am supposed to help.  Ask your school what their school lice policies are and get a good metal lice comb.  Make sure you preventatively comb your little ones at least once a month.  This way you will catch it before it is a full blown head lice infestation!

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