Natural Lice Removal Services for Whittier


At Head Lice Guru we know nothing is more frustrating or inconvenient than a pediculus humanus capitis infestation!  We provide a one treatment head lice solution to clients in Whittier who prefer not to use traditional products found on retail store shelves.  Many of these products are no longer effective against more resistant strains of those pesky bugs, and they also contain harsh and potentially dangerous pesticides.  If you are in search of a non-chemical head lice treatment that produces the results you expect, look no further!  For your convenience, we also provide mobile, in-home care so you don’t have to travel for treatment.

Natural, organic ingredients combined with a unique comb-out process performed by trained technicians is all it takes to get rid of lice for good.  Many parents have tried OTC or prescription products at home with dismal results, and the process is messy to say the least.  Removing every last nit is critical to eradicating an infestation, something the professionals at our head lice salon excel at.  Why not take care of the problem in a comfortable, relaxed environment?  All it takes is an hour or so of your time, and you’re ready to go about your day.

Children and teens are going to encounter this condition simply because of the fact they attend school, camp, and participate in sports or other activities that leave them exposed to others their own age who may have an infestation.  When you want a natural lice treatment that works and provides immediate results, look no further than Head Lice Guru.  Those in Whittier and surrounding areas can rely on our team for safe head lice removal without the use of pesticides or ingredients that can be harsh to the hair.  Contact us now at 800-446-8290 to learn more or schedule an appointment.