1. Head Lice Guru is on Facebook.com

    Head Lice Guru is on Facebook.com/headliceguru  We have taken the leap and joined the ranks of successful businesses interacting with their happy customers on Facebook.com.  Go to our page and read about interesting head lice removal facts.  We use science based information about head lice to rid your family of an infestation in the fastest, most economical and thorough way possible. If you hav…Read More

  2. Head Lice Guru is now covering the San Bernardino and Riverside Counites!

    Head Lice Guru is now covering the Inland Empire of San Bernardino, Riverside, Moreno Valley,  and Palm Springs.   All the cities that cover the 909 and 951 area codes. Head Lice Guru is going to bring our expert service in In Home Lice Removal to families that are dealing with a head lice infestation. Call today for  same day appointments and get the kids back to school the next day! We guaran…Read More

  3. Super Lice and Lying

    Having super lice and Lying about it.  I worked on a young girl today and she was telling me the story about how she found out she had super lice ( a stain go head lice that are immune to the pesticide shampoos).  She said she was at school when herself and 4 of her friends were called to the Office.  Each girl was taken into a different room and a school employee proceeded to check each one fo…Read More

  4. Super Lice

    Super lice are here and are only going to get stronger.  What are super lice you might ask? Well, they are lice that are immune to all the over the counter lice chemical shampoos as well as the prescription lice medication.  Some studies have shown that 100% of the lice found in California, Texas, and Florida are the chemical resistant super lice.  This means that when you treat with these chem…Read More

  5. Lice Video -A Day in the Lice of Margaret Cho: The Margaret Cho Lice Video

      Lice video -Margaret Cho sings the Margaret Cho Lice Song about her vacation in Morrocan and how she ended up with head lice.  Head lice can happen anywhere and to anyone.  Cho uses this lice video to show just that.  You can be famous and have no kids and still get head lice.  This is very unusual but it doe happen on occasion.  Lice videos can be very upsetting to watch but this lice…Read More

  6. Head Lice Guru launched a lice removal company in Pasadena , Arcadia

    Head Lice Guru, an at Home Lice  Removal has launched in Pasadena, Arcadia, and all of  the Los Angeles Basin as well as Orange County! We have years of experience and use non toxic, green techniques to rid your family of Head Lice -usually with one treatment.  We offer a detailed and trusted at home head lice removal service.  We treat within the comfort of your home.  This way your privacy …Read More