And What Arcadia Parents Should Know!


What are super lice, and how do you treat an infestation?  Many parents in Arcadia and surrounding areas aren’t familiar with this strain of head lice, and how it should be approached should a member of your family become infested.  You would think that our modern, progressive society and technologically-advanced world would have moved beyond this problem, but unfortunately it’s simply not the case!

Essentially, this is an infestation of those pesky bugs that have become resistant to traditional over-the-counter treatments, and even some prescription solutions that were effective in the past.  Research has revealed that across the U.S., many lice have become “immune” to the ingredients commonly found in OTC and prescription treatments, which often include pesticides.  Because of this, parents try repeatedly to rid their children of these frustrating pests, with disappointing results.

How can you eliminate super lice?  According to news reports, some parents have tried olive oil, Vaseline (or products containing petroleum jelly), even mayonnaise in an attempt to “smother” nits.  Unfortunately, these home remedies simply don’t work.  Our trained technicians have found that what DOES work is going thorough hair strand by strand combing the nits, nymphs (babies) and adults out of the hair done by a professional lice technician. Don’t worry- we can help you!

It’s really no surprise that this condition continues to be a problem in schools, camps, and other areas children and teens congregate – but unfortunately, some strains seem to have become the “Super Men” of head lice.  Adults can also become victims of this uncomfortable and frustrating condition, but you don’t have to put up with it or let it interrupt your life.  Put the frustration and stress behind you by trusting the professionals at the Head Lice Guru to totally eliminate what bugs you!