Head Lice Check at School are a good tool to keep head lice infestations from spreading out of control at schools.  When a child is found with head lice it is usually after the child has had a head lice infestation for about a month.  Most people gasp when I say this but it is a fact.  Most people don’t itch until they have quite a few lice on the head.

When you utilize a routine head lice check at school it gives you the chance to catch the infestation early and thus dealing with it before it spreads to far.  It only takes about a minute a head to check a  child for lice with a trained lice tech.  Most public school districts stopped doing routine head lice checks years ago.  They only start checking when a child as been identified with head lice.  Then the race to contain the spread begins.  At Head Lice Guru we are partnering with schools to do these routine head checks so we can stop the spread faster.  Schools are really appreciative of the service and the peace of mind it brings.

If you work at a school or are a parent call Kelly@ 800 446 8290 and discuss what your schools needs are and we can figure out how to help.

Call Kelly @ 800 446 8290 for details and to schedule an appointment for your head lice check at school.