Head Lice Guru – Over 10 Years of Happy Heads!


Head Lice Guru provides safe head lice solutions for those in Arcadia who prefer not to use prescription and over-the-counter products that often contain pesticides.  If you have  previous experience with these products, you may have been disappointed with the results – and the mess, repeat applications, and stress of the entire situation.  Our non chemical removal process is proven to work, eliminating eggs and nits so your family can get on with life!

Whether you prefer treatment in your own home or our head lice clinic, our professional technicians provide a one treatment solution that truly works.  In fact, if your child has lice it is highly likely he/she will be able to return to school the next day.  We use natural, organic products along with a special combing technique that eliminates those itchy, pesky bugs in just an hour or two.  No more worries about trying to sanitize the entire house and prevent spread of an infestation; we have the solutions.

Lice is nothing to be ashamed of, and is easily spread through the taking of selfies, sharing hair accessories or combs, etc.  Still, it is so frustrating and uncomfortable, something you don’t want to deal with for days or weeks.  Our non chemical head lice treatment is perfect for every member of the family, and takes only a little of your time.

Head lice are a fact of life, particularly among children and teens who are exposed to it at school, camp, after-school activities, sports, and in other situations.  When you want to know how to get rid of eggs once and for all, trust Head Lice Guru for amazing results!  We invite Arcadia residents to learn more about our safe and guaranteed treatment process today by calling 800-446-8290.