Lice Salon Vs. Head Lice Mobile Service.  It is hard to believe that there are so many choices out there now to deal with a head lice infestation.  Head Lice Guru is a mobile lice removal service.  We find that taking the service to the customer alleviates  a lot of stress for the family.   It allows us to treat a whole family but they can relax while they wait their turn.  A head lice infestation can bring out a lot of stress and aggravation.   No one wants to expose themselves to others if they can help it.   We come in with no judgement, just information, humor and compassion.  I don’t consider it a good appointment if I have not gotten everyone to laugh.  Once laughing begins then the appointment goes smoothly for everyone.

Lice Salon Vs. Head Lice Mobile Service is a question you have to ask yourself.  I have spoken to lots of clients that have used a salon and were very unhappy with the service. I find whether it is me or one of my lice techs our goal is customer satisfaction.  The lice salon is about getting people in and getting people out as fast as possible.  The customer service goes right out the window.  My lice techs are trained in a very detailed technique that works.  We do not just comb and hope we get all the lice out.

When you are deciding whether to use a Lice Salon Vs. Head Lice Mobile Service please look at our reviews on  Read Head Lice Guru’s review and then call to set up an appointment.  Peace of mind is our goal.   Stop the frustrating home remedies and get it done right the first time with the expert techniques used my Head Lice Guru.

Call 800 446 8290 for advice and I will talk you off the ledge!

Keep Combing!   ~Kelly