Head Lice home remedies don’t work and end up prolonging your head lice infestation needlessly.  This post is a shameless effort to get you to look at Head Lice Guru’s reviews on Yelp.com.  We have 21 reviews (23 that are flagged) that are rated 5 Stars!  It makes me proud that people are happy with the service we provide on a daily basis.

Head Lice can be so stressful to a family.  Most don’t know where to turn first.  Their mind starts racing with all the work they believe is ahead of them.  They usually start looking at head lice home remedies.  People go to the drug store and buy the place out with every chemical known to mankind.  They get home and everyone gets stripped down and shampooing commences. Next the marathon washing and cleaning begins (usually preceded by bouts of crying in a fetal position!).  The real frustration begins with the combing.  The combs that come with the chemical lice shampoos just do not work.  I am sure this is not lost on the companies that make the chemical shampoos.  Money is made from the chemical lice shampoo being used multiple times.  They have no vested interest in the head lice being taken out of the hair.

After hours of combing with little results and lots of frustration most families have reached their breaking point.  This is when self preservation kicks in.  Someone begins to think there has to be a better way than head lice home remedies.  This is when the research begins and Head Lice Guru is called.

Lots of people find  Head Lice Guru on Yelp or either by word of mouth.   All our positive reviews gives people the confidence to invite us into their home at such a stressful time. My job begins the minute I answer the phone.  I strive to calm anxious nerves and add a little humor to the situation.  Head Lice are not the plague is a common statement I make.   We strive to make a head lice infestation calm, economical and frustration free. I know it seems impossible but read the reviews on Yelp.com and you will read how we work.

Stop the head lice home remedies and instead call Head Lice Guru to get the job done the first time.  Let us dispel all the myths and save you from all the cleaning.  Call Today!

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