Long Beach’s Choice for Natural, Safe Lice Treatment

By Head Lice Guru

head-lice-charity-workWe know all too well that a head lice infestation can disrupt your life, not to mention the frustration and discomfort those with the condition experience.  At Head Lice Guru we provide mobile, non-chemical head lice treatment for those in the Long Beach area who prefer to avoid the pesticides and other harsh ingredients found in most over-the-counter products today.  We believe in a natural, organic approach that is proven to work and more effective than traditional products that have been well-known over the years.  Today’s “super” bugs have become immune to these pesticides, which is why they have lost their effectiveness in many cases.

Children don’t give much thought to touching heads, sharing a comb, brush, or hair accessory, or even wearing each others’ coats or hats.  Parents often don’t think about the potential risk of a head lice infestation when their child has a friend over for the night and they sleep in the same bed.  If the unthinkable happens and an infestation occurs, our Long Beach technicians strongly recommend our natural lice treatment over traditional products that are not only potentially dangerous, but a huge mess and hassle considering repeat applications and sometimes dismal results.

We’ll Come to You!

Our head lice salon provides safe, effective treatment to people of all ages; after all, those irritating little bugs aren’t particular when it comes to age!  We also have mobile technicians who can come to your home for your convenience.  While children and teens are most often the victims of an infestation due to the crowded environments they’re in and the popular practice of taking “selfies” in which heads are often touching, anyone can contract this stressful condition.  We provide a one treatment lice solution that involves the use of safe, organic products in conjunction with a professional, thorough comb-out process.

More and more camps and pediatricians are recommending our safe head lice solutions than ever before.  The process is simple, convenient, and super effective, requiring only about an hour or so of your time depending on factors such as hair length and severity of infestation.  Why not get rid of lice in a way that is completely safe and natural, and eliminates the stress and mess of OTC products?  To learn more about our approach or schedule an appointment, we invite those in the Long Beach area to give Head Lice Guru a call today at 800-446-8290.  Say bye-bye to those pesky bugs and their nits!