Head Lice Guru, an at Home Lice  Removal has launched in Pasadena, Arcadia, and all of  the Los Angeles Basin as well as Orange County!

We have years of experience and use non toxic, green techniques to rid your family of Head Lice -usually with one treatment.  We offer a detailed and trusted at home head lice removal service.  We treat within the comfort of your home.  This way your privacy is kept and we can advise you on what needs to be cleaned in the home.  Head lice removal touches the lives of everyone at some point.  There is not shame!  The shame is making it more work than it has to be.  It is not the bubonic plague people!

We do not recommend the use of chemicals or pesticides on your children. We use a technique that is a detailed form of combing and a magnifying glass.  We offer a fair and reasonable price with no travel fees ever.  We strive to offer the best service at the most affordable price.  We will meet or beat any price of a California based professional at home head lice removal company. We are in this business to help people not gouge them in a stressful time.

Forget all the old wives tale about all the cleaning, combing and crazy concoctions to deal with head lice removal!  It really is very simple road to head lice removal.  Call and get the facts.  Don’t do what your mama or grandmama did!  We have come a long way in head lice removal.  We have moved far beyond the crying with days of picking.   Call and find out how far!  We go all over the Los Angeles County as well as Orange County and always with no travel fee.

Call Head Lice Guru (626-215-6647) for all the facts and common sense advice to rid your family of head lice forever.