Head lice is a problem that almost every kiddo goes through at least once during their childhood years. If your child is currently battling an epic lice problem, don’t surrender! The pros at Head Lice Guru in Arcadia have just the solution. At Head Lice Guru, we have all of the head lice removal products you’re in need of. But why shouldn’t you go to the drugstore to buy a commonly used lice removal product?

Pesticide Protocol

Unfortunately, all of the lice removal products you’ll find at a local drugstore include many harmful insecticides and pesticides. These products may also be prescribed by doctors, many of which are called Pediculicide. You can get these products in shampoos and creme rinses to treat head lice, but many are also harmful to your health.

Lice City

Lice are becoming smart! If you remember getting lice back in the day when you were growing up, we can probably guess that the lice treatment you used worked great. Fast-forward 30 years… Lice have learned how to become resistant to the chemicals that have been working against them all these years. These products simply aren’t working anymore.

Life Cycle

The pesticidal shampoos that are prescribed or bought over-the-counter don’t target all three stages of the lice’s life cycle. These shampoos will only kill an adult louse, leaving nits and nymphs to continue on in their life cycle.

Rest assured that all of your lice issues will be handled professionally and without any escapees. Buy the one and only lice removal treatment in Arcadia that really works! Contact us online with any questions or concerns you may have, and shop for necessities now.