Walnut, CA

DID YOU KNOW.. that if lice jumps on someone else’s head and they have a different blood type than you THEIR INTESTINES WILL EXPLODE?!

I didn’t know that either.. Until the amazing kelly shared that and another handful of crazy lice facts with me

I went to Cambodia this summer to help out at a camp for orphans and I came back home to find out that I got LICE!!

Bought the pharmacy shampoo.. Didn’t work. At all. So I looked on yelp and immediately called Kelly to see if she could fit me in for that day.

Can I just say she’s pretty much the most amazing woman ever for getting out all that nasty lice for me?! There needs to be a nobel prize for lice removing and this lady needs to have it!!

Kelly is very friendly and explains everything to you! She’s great company while you’re having your head de-liced & combed out and she even gives you a nit comb and tells you how to prevent/get rid of lice in the future too.

HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER. If I have kids one day I’m sending them straight to the head lice guru~

Irene C.