Lice Removal and Winter Holiday.  Most people don’t realize that Head Lice and Winter Holiday go together.  There is no “lice season” per say.  Lice are in the human population at all times. believe it or not.  I hear your gasps!  We will see an increase in cases when kids start school, when they return to school after winter holiday, and after spring break.  All times when groups of kids with no sense of personal space start to congregate together.

Head Lice need to move from head to head like Johnny Apple seed.  Major way this happens is in schools where colaborative learning is taught.  This means kids are sitting at tables next to each other instead of at indivudual desks.  They work on projects together and lean in…….that my friends is why I stay in business.  That and hugging.

Lice removal and Winter Holiday is a good way to think of how we get lice.  When we get together to socialize we hug.  That is really a good thing but really good for lice.  I don’t want to see people get so paranoid that they stop hugging each other or worse stop hugging their kids.

A better solutions is to make preventative lice combing part of your family routine.  To do this you need a good metal lice comb with long tines.  Once a month you want to run the comb through everyones hair.  I like to wash the comb in a white bowl of water to see if I caught anything.  It will be obvious if a bug or egg is in the bowl.  Do this routinely and you will catch an infestation before it gets out of hand.  Problem solved!  Go about you life learning, hugging and socializing with no worries.  I know… once you have had lice it is hard to get to that place but it is possible I promise.  Lice are really not that big of a deal unless you let it be.  Combat it with correct science based information and common sense (lice flying or jumping!? Imagine what a classroom would look like if that was true…..).

As always call Head Lice Guru for all your head lice removal needs.

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Keep Combing!~~~~~~Kelly