Lice is an unfortunate thing that many children experience. Although lice is known as an unattractive bug to come down with, there are ways to get rid of it with lice treatment in Arcadia so you can continue living a great life without the annoyance of symptoms that you’ll feel when you’ve been infected with lice. Previously, we told you that there are a few types of lice out there, and that you should recognize the itch. Here are more symptoms that you’ve been infected with head lice.

Intense itching and other symptoms.

When you have lice, you may feel like someone is tickling your hair, or something is moving on your head, body or hair. Sores may also develop from scratching at the lice. Because of all the itching and discomfort, you may become irritable or have a hard time sleeping at night. Red bumps may appear on the head, shoulders, neck or pubic hair if you’ve been infected with lice. If you notice white objects in your hair, know that those are lice eggs, and they can be difficult to remove without the proper lice treatment.

Look for the signs.

While lice can cause itchy conditions, other skin conditions may be present because of lice, like eczema, dandruff and even allergies to shampoos or other hair products being used. Because of this, it’s incredibly important to check for lice if your child is experiencing any of the symptoms we’ve previously given you.

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