Lice Shampoos do not work.  I think when people  try them they learn  this pretty quickly.  There are lots of studies out now saying head lice have become resistant to lice shampoo.  These studies say ordinary lice  are resistant to pyrethrins and pyrethroids pesticides and are creating Super Lice.  This means you spend lots of money on lice shampoo multiply times and the lice are drinking it up and it does not kill them.

The search for a better way of lice treatment is on going.  Most scientist focus on killing head lice on the head.  The problem with this approach is there are 3 stages to a lice life cycle.  Each stage of lice development has its challenges.  Lice Shampoo only kill adult lice.  The pyrethrins and pyrethroids in the Lice Shampoo target the central nervous system of an adult louse.  The nits/eggs and nymphs/babies don’t have a central nervous system so it is not effective in killing them.

At Head Lice Guru we do not focus on killing anything on the head.   We have found  the most effective lice treatment is to get all head lice out of the hair.  The technique we use is a very detailed method of combing.  This is the only form of lice removal treatment that gets the whole life cycle of the lice out of the hair all at once.  Targeting one part of the lice life cycle means you never are rid of lice!

Get lice removal treatment done right the first time.  Call your local lice removal service and just ask questions about their lice treatment.  What is best for you family will become clear as your questions are answered.

Call Head Lice Guru Expert Lice Tech,  Kelly anytime for advice and information.  She loves to talk Moms off the ledge.  Its just lice people.  Once you have the science based information about lice they are not that hard to get out of the hair.

Keep Combing! ~~~~~~