Lice Facts are out there but much of the time they are not facts at all.  Head Lice likes to look at the science of head lice and set the record straight.  With knowledge there is power.  The fear most people have about a head lice infestation comes from lice myths not lice facts.

I read a book called The Little Book of Nits by Richard Jones and Justine Crow.  I learned so much about head lice facts.  I thought I knew it all but it proves even an old dog can learn new tricks!  I love this book.

The authors explain why it is hard for the chemical companies to make a product to get nits off the hair.  The reason is, “….louse sticks (nits) in place with a tough, quick-setting glue that forms a tight sheath around the hair shaft. This special glue s one of the secrets of louse success.”  The glue comes from the louses stomach and is “similiar in its chemical make-up to human hair.”  This is “…bad news for the pharmaceutical companies trying to develop nit removing shampoos……chemicals likely to break down the cement also attack and break down human hair.” Amazing! No wonders the OTC chemical lice shampoos don’t work.

I love all the information in that book.  Gotta love the ingenuity of  lice.  It goes to prove that getting  lice out of the hair is really  the best form of lice treatment.  There is so much drama associated with a lice infestation.  Mom discovers a lice infestation and all they see is red and can only think, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL!!!!!

This one is really hard to hear.  In the Little Book of Nits, they also discuss the sex life of lice.  This is hilarious but it does give you a better understanding of how lice live to better combat them.  Lice spend lots of time having lice sex.  ”Female insects usually have a sperm-storage organ and one mating is often enough to fertilise (sp) all the eggs……they lay…”.   In lice the organ is so small some deny it is there.  The authors explain, “One or two fertile eggs are laid after each mating; rarely three, never four.  Anyway, they spend a lot of time at it. To save time, they usually feed while mating.”  That is the life!   I just love this stuff!  I can feel the eyes rolling from here but I can’t help it.  I love all this information.

I guess what I want you to get from this post is lice facts most people see as truth are really old wives tales passed from generations of misinformation.  A head lice infestation is a pain but with the right science based information it can be handled without all the drama, tears and laundry.  If you need a quick, economical way out of a head lice infestation give me a call at  800 446 8290 and I will talk you off the ledge. Remember CORRECT information is power.

Keep Combing!