Lice and Selfies.   Selfies are the cause of a new rise in lice infestations in adults.  Adults don’t get lice usually unless they have direct contact with an infected child.  Now with the rise of the Selfie craze adults better beware.  People get head lice from direct head to head contact with a person that already had a head lice infestation.  What do you do when you take a selfie with your friends? The reason I stay in business!

Back before cell phones the usual way people got lice was from kids not having any personal space with their friends.  Parents got head lice because they have no personal space with their kids.  The usual age range for a lice infestation was kids between 3-11 years old.  In recent years I have been seen a rash of middle school age girls with head lice.  Not one or two but maybe half my business now are middle school girls.  I could not figure it out until now.  The Selfies contection  with head lice infestation makes sense.  Who wants to have pictures with their friends more than Middle School girls!  Head to head contact people!  Lice love that.  With every picture I have a new customer!  Gotta love it.  Lice and Selfies.