3 Dangerous Head Lice Remedies.  It is hard to believe in this day and age that people still use dangerous home head lice removal remedies.  I know when you hear head lice most moms are completely freaked out.  It is almost like a switch goes off and all they can see is RED and hear KILL KILL KILL!  Head lice removal does not have to harm your child!

The Number 1 most dangerous way people try and get rid of head lice is with Kerosene or other flamable liquids.  We have all heard of storys back in the “Olden Days” when our grandparents were treated for head lice removal this way and I could not imagine that some one would to that today but they still do.  A woman treated several of her children with Kerosene last year and then turned on a space heater!  The kids ended up in the hospital and Child Protective Services and she ended up in jail!  Now I don’t think this Mom tried to hurt her kids at all.  She was trying to do head lice removal and someone down the line must of passed this gem of advice on her and she viewed is as reasonable. It boggles the mind but it happens.

The Number 2 most dangerous way people use for head lice removal is RAID!!!!!!   Yes I mean the Raid Pesticide people us to kill roaches. This is another gem of advice that gets passed on.  When people hear this stuff it is usually told by someone that purports to have done it and had it work for lice removal.  I am not kidding either.  Lets just be clear Raid does not kill lice but even if it did it is toxic and harmful to you child.

The Number 3 most dangerous way to treat for head lice removal is with Tea Tree Oil. Now I hear you all gasp with this one.  The Tea Tree Oil for lice removal is all ever the internet.  I hear about it everyday as a way to kill them and a way to repel them.  A Tea Tree Oil Study  was done along with other essential oils to test the effectiveness for head lice removal.   The findings were that in order for tea tree oil to be effective it would have to be used at toxic levels.  I say this is dangerous because a whole industry has been set up around tea tree oil products to take your money and they do not work.

The most effective head lice removal method is a natural process of removal with a good metal lice comb.   There is no reason to kill anything on the head for head lice removal.  The best thing to do for head lice removal is to get everything out of the hair all at once.  It is the only form of head lice treatment that breaks up the lice life cycle of nits, nymphs(babies) and adults all at the same time.  When that is done you are done with head lice. —and then you can stop crying and doing laundry!

Keep Combing!