Head Lice Guru

Walnut, CA

DID YOU KNOW.. that if lice jumps on someone else’s head and they have a different blood type than you THEIR INTESTINES WILL EXPLODE?!

I didn’t know that either.. Until the amazing kelly shared that and another handful of crazy lice facts with me

I went to Cambodia this summer to help out at a camp for orphans and I came back home to find out that I got LICE!!

Bought the pharmacy shampoo.. Didn’t work. At all. So I looked on yelp and immediately called Kelly to see if she could fit me in for that day.

Can I just say she’s pretty much the most amazing woman ever for getting out all that nasty lice for me?! There needs to be a nobel prize for lice removing and this lady needs to have it!!

Kelly is very friendly and explains everything to you! She’s great company while you’re having your head de-liced & combed out and she even gives you a nit comb and tells you how to prevent/get rid of lice in the future too.

HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER. If I have kids one day I’m sending them straight to the head lice guru~

Irene C.

The search is over. After hours of combing with little results and lots of frustration, most families have reached their breaking point. Someone begins to think there has to be a better way than head lice home remedies...

Beware of all head lice removal products, head lice removal shampoos, head lice repellents, etc. Most lice products at the least don’t work and will just empty your wallet, but some have harmful chemicals that can do...

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