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Riverside, CA

I am quite a bit late but as I was combing my hands through my daughters long, thick hair last night I remembered.. my review!

I thought I had done the greatest job cleaning my daughters hair, washing all the covers, clothes, spraying, cleaning the rugs… after about the 5th time of thinking I was the best I finally gave in and called Kelly. She came, she saw, she conquered. That was months ago and still no lice in this home.

Thank you Kelly. You saved us!

Leticia G.

The search is over. After hours of combing with little results and lots of frustration, most families have reached their breaking point. Someone begins to think there has to be a better way than head lice home remedies...

Beware of all head lice removal products, head lice removal shampoos, head lice repellents, etc. Most lice products at the least don’t work and will just empty your wallet, but some have harmful chemicals that can do...

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