Head Lice Guru

Azusa, CA

Kelley is an absolute angel. She was very fast, and extremely thorough, there was nothing left on my daughter’s head. She answered all my crazy questions and I didn’t feel judged, not once. I would (&will) recommend her to anyone!!! I didn’t know anyone could be lice free in one day, let alone a couple hours and Kelley did that. She put my mind at ease and gave me the tools I need to move foward.

If your child has lice, don’t waste your time and money on store chemicals or home remedies…just call Kelley, she’ll fix you right up!!!

Thanks again Kelley, your a life saver!!!

Linda T.

The search is over. After hours of combing with little results and lots of frustration, most families have reached their breaking point. Someone begins to think there has to be a better way than head lice home remedies...

Beware of all head lice removal products, head lice removal shampoos, head lice repellents, etc. Most lice products at the least don’t work and will just empty your wallet, but some have harmful chemicals that can do...

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