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pasadena-head-lice-removalAs a trusted head lice salon offering unsurpassed service to Pasadena residents, Head Lice Guru is dedicated to not only eradicating infestations, but doing so in a way that is organic and completely safe.  Our non chemical solutions make it possible to get rid of nits without the use of harsh products that often contain pesticides.  In recent years, the approach to eliminating these pesky bugs has changed.  Many of today’s lice are resistant to pesticides, and natural methods are far more effective!

We understand parents want a one treatment solution so their children can go back to school almost immediately, and they can get on with their lives.  If you or your child has encountered this itchy, miserable condition in the past, you know how messy the process of trying to get rid of nits can be.  Over-the-counter and prescription products are not as effective as they once were, and even with repeated applications the results are often disappointing.  Our safe treatment involves an organic approach using products with natural ingredients, and a special combing technique guaranteed to deliver the results you expect.

Find Out Why Pasadena Moms Trust the Head Lice Guru

Anyone can get head lice, as they spread so easily from one person to another.  Now you can do something about it without the stress, mess, hassle, and worry of using products that may or may not be safe.

In most cases our natural lice treatment takes approximately one to two hours, depending on the severity of the infestation and hair type/length.  We also offer our Pasadena clients the option of having treatment performed in our private clinic, or in the privacy of your home.  We invite you to put an end to the suffering today by contacting Head Lice Guru at 800-446-8290.  Quick, painless, effective, and affordable! We look forward to hearing from you.

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